Small business loans

Business loans are often your first port of call as a small business, because they are easy to understand and the banks used to like selling them.

Business loan interest rates

Business loans will usually be individually priced and have negotiable terms and conditions.

For some business loans a lender may ask you to put up collateral as security should you not be able to make the repayments on your loan.

If your business doesn’t have assets to put up as security, you may be asked to put up your personal property as security.

How to get a business loan

Of course you can approach your bank, but if you have been given the brush off, perhaps Access Business Finance can help.
We can help you secure the finance you need call us today on 01744 333001.

Unsecured business loan

We do have access to a limited number of lenders who will look at small businesses without taking security.

Small business loans bad credit

We provide access to lenders that will look solely at the business performance and not at your personal history, which actually makes a lot of sense.