Sources of Business Finance

If you’ve had no joy with the banks, we can access sources of business finance to get the funding you need.

When trying to access business finance, the key is to match your business need to the appropriate type of funding.

Though the bank should often be your first port of call, we’ve found their support to for small business be at best patchy, especially if you need a short-term cash injection, for example, to help with cash flow.

Many small businesses are unaware of alternatives to the bank or alternative  sources of business finance – not least because banks aren’t forthcoming with information on other types of finance, even when they won’t lend to you.

Instead we can find suitable alternative funding for small business to help you boost cash flow in the short-term or grow your business in the long-term.

Invoice finance and factoring

Invoice finance, Invoice discounting and factoring frees up the money tied up in unpaid invoices.

Put simply a finance provider will your debtor book from you for up to 90% of its value meaning you get the money as soon as you raise the invoice.

The factoring company pays you immediately and gets the money from your customer when it’s due, for which they charge a fee.

We also have access to single invoice finance, for those occasional big jobs.

Business or Merchant Cash advances

Tap into cash held up in your business by getting advance access to cash tied up in card and cash payments.

Typically this equates to one month’s turnover, and can be paid into your bank account within days.

Repayments are flexible and here is the ability to make further drawdowns when required.

Asset or Lease finance

Spread the cost of a purchase that might otherwise be beyond your current reach.

If you need cash to acquire new machinery, asset or lease finance can help.

The lender owns the asset but your business benefits from using it a reduced rate.
Often you have the option of retain the asset at the end of the lease period for an agreed sum.

Angel or Private investment

An angel investor is someone who invests their own money in to a small business, often in exchange for shares or a return.

We have access to a number of individuals who are constantly looking for new opportunities to invest in.

To discuss these sources of business finance and the latest funding options available to your business, call Access Business Finance on 01744 333001.